digraph nodeset1916 { 36189 [label="31 Morality is very much a\npart of sport. The whole sport\ndoes have values."]; 36653 [label="1 What exactly is the moral\nvalue of 21st century sport?\nMoney?"]; 36657 [label="4 Sport is fairer than real\nlife."]; 36660 [label="11 Modern sport has been\nprofessionalised, it s driven\nby money, seduced by big\ncorporations. Winning is all\nthat matters."]; 36663 [label="18 there is something a\nlittle bit suspect about the\nhysteria which sports promote.\nI think sport has neutral\naspects which can be used for\ngood or bad."]; 36666 [label="18 Sport has neutral aspects\nwhich can be used for good or\nbad."]; 36669 [label="21 Sport is there to enjoy,\nto achieve greatness. But we\nshould not see sport as a\nmeans of doing good in the\nworld; it s not a way of\nchanging the world."]; 36672 [label="23 there is too much pressure\non sport at the moment, to\ndeliver a range of moral,\nsocial, political outcomes\nthat actually destroys the\nspirit of sport."]; 36677 [label="33 there are double\nstandards in sports, when you\ntalk about morality."]; 36680 [label="35 Athletic activity is one\nthing. There are not double\nstandards in sport, the moral\npurpose is part of the rules\nand making sure you don t fall\nfoul of them."]; 36950 [label="RA"]; 36951 [label="CA"]; 36952 [label="CA"]; 36953 [label="CA"]; 36950 -> 36666; 36663 -> 36950; 36951 -> 36677; 36680 -> 36951; 36952 -> 36669; 36672 -> 36952; 36953 -> 36189; 36660 -> 36953;}